14k YellowithWhite Gold Round Diamond Antique Engagement & Wedding Ring Set. 97ct

14k YellowithWhite Gold Round Diamond Antique Engagement & Wedding Ring Set. 97ct

14k YellowithWhite Gold Round Diamond Antique Engagement & Wedding Ring Set. 97ct
14k Yellow & White Gold Round Diamond Engagement & Wedding Ring Set. This listing is for a ladies 14k yellow and white gold round diamond engagement and wedding set.

The ring features 1 round cut diamond that is. 37 carats total (graded G color, VS2 clarity) and 6 round cut diamonds that are. 60 carats total (graded G color, VS2-SI1 clarity).

Ring is STUNNING in person, photos can't begin to do it justice. The ring is currently a size 7.75, but can be sized at least two sizes up or down (if not more) by a reliable jeweler. The rings are soldered together. Hich means MAJOR SAVINGS for you.

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It is the opinion of this gemologist that the figures represented are estimated retail replacement costs based on observations, techniques, calculations and instrumentation in use at the date of examination. Estimates of gemstones are mounted, unless stated to be of actual quality or weight, when removed and graded, or done so before setting. Mounted goods are graded insofar as mounting permits.

Exact grading of mounted goods is not possible. We assume no liability with respect to any action that may be taken on the basis of this appraisal. 1 Round Cut Diamond: approx. 37 carats total Color: G Clarity: VS2.

6 Round Cut Diamonds: approx. 60 carats total Color: G Clarity: VS2-SI1.

Total Weight: 4.6 grams. Note: The rings are soldered together.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! The item has to be in its original condition and all original documents should be included with your return. The color of your diamond was determined long ago, when nature formed the stone. Ideally, the diamond should be pure white, the most desired color, but such diamonds are extremely rare and can get very pricey. Even though colorless diamonds are the highest priced ones, many people prefer a near-colorless diamond, which lets you attain a great size diamond with exceptional beauty at a reasonable price.

Diamonds are graded for color on an alphabetical scale that goes from D, which is totally colorless, to Z, which indicates a pale yellow or brown tint. Grades D through F are considered colorless or perfect white. Diamonds in the G - J range are nearly colorless, and I or J grade diamonds often represent an excellent value.

Diamonds in the K - M range are slightly tinted and have noticeable color, and those in the N - Z range are even more noticeable. We all wish for a perfect diamond, but nature isn't so generous and those diamonds are very, very rare.

The extreme pressures and temperatures under which diamonds are formed will almost always create a stone with some internal or external flaw. Such defects may include air bubbles, foreign material, or feathers, but these are most often microscopic flaws. Gemologists in a laboratory, using 10X magnification, study each stone, and nearly every diamond will contain some defect that nature has included when forming the stone. The location and size of the flaw is important and noted as well, and make each diamond unique. When a stone, even when examined under magnification by a trained gemologist, reveals no internal flaws, the diamond is graded IF, or internally flawless.

Such magnificent stones are so rare that most of us will go our entire life and never see one. Stones in the next grade of clarity, VVS, are said to be very, very slightly included.

While these stones do have internal or external imperfections, the blemishes are very difficult to locate, even under magnification. If the inclusions or external blemishes are difficult to locate, the stones are graded VS and these are more common than either of the higher grades. A VS grade diamond still has no defects that you can see with your naked eye, and the average person would never notice them. If the inclusions are easy to locate under magnification, the stone is graded SI1, or slightly included. Again, to the untrained eye it is hard to spot the inclusions in stones of this grade, and they can still produce plenty of sparkle! SI2 or SI3 graded diamonds can have some inclusions slightly visible to the naked eye but they are very slight and don't affect the beauty or brilliance of the diamond. A stone that has medium or large blemishes that are normally very visible to the trained eye under magnification, or even to the naked eye under the right light, is graded included, or simply I. Some consider a stone in this grade to have "character, " and while not perfect they can still display a great deal of fire and brilliance.

Please let us know so we can work around that. Your question will be answered as soon as possible.

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14k YellowithWhite Gold Round Diamond Antique Engagement & Wedding Ring Set. 97ct

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